Interested in membership with The Greyhound Guild? We would love to have you join us! Check it out…

The Greyhound Guild is here to support and promote the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. To that end, we are always looking for new, like-minded volunteers to help spread the word. 

Our members are expected to be willing to put forth the effort necessary to make our Guild events successful.

Members should be friendly, patient, and professional especially when dealing with the public or other members. Being at ease speaking with the public is a plus, but if not, our mentoring program can help you with that.  Knowing about greyhounds, the adoption process, and the greyhound’s role in history is something you should be willing to learn.

Members are expected to dress appropriately for each Guild event.  This may mean a Guild shirt & shorts, or it may mean a full Renaissance outfit. Not to worry. The Guild can outfit you, or if you want to provide your own garb, our Costume Advisory Council can help.

Greyhound ownership is not a requirement of membership. And some members own hounds that are not suitable for certain events. No problem. Many of us have several hounds that can be “borrowed” for an event.

So, do you want to volunteer with a great group of people supporting a wonderful cause? 

Perhaps the Greyhound Guild is for you!

LINK TO the Greyhound Guild Membership Application

This is how much fun it is to join the team!

Thank you all for a great season 💖

Posted by Hayl Daugherty on Monday, April 3, 2017